Inspirational Quotes Pocket Letter

This week I am collaborating with a group of ladies listed at the bottom of this post with the tag ‘Inspirational Quotes’.  I have decided to show these through a Pocket Letter I have created for a lovely lady in another group I am a part of.

So here you are; 9 Inspirational Quotes in a Pocket Letter 🙂

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2017 Planner Set-up

12 New Chapters. 365 New Chances.

Social media shows the 21st century woman as a superhero; earning the pennies, showing who’s boss and getting shit done. But here’s the catch… No one can do it all.

It is so easy to create a huge list of to-do’s and feel as though you have failed the day by not ticking off every single thing on the list. My planners allow me to prioritise, break tasks down and leave me feeling happy and successful at the end of the day.

This year I will be using 2 planners and a desktop calendar.

Desktop Calendar

I’ll get the smallest, most basic one out the way first. I think it was just a pound store thing because there is no mention of the supplier anywhere. The desktop calendar was a gift from Father Christmas and is using this for blog post deadlines/ publishing days. It’s simple and pretty. I like it.



InkWell Press Classic

I believe I have reached planner peace with this planner. The InkWell Press is absolutely beautiful to look at. The cover is a pinky-coral hardback with a premium gold foil texture with geometric shapes and this beautiful 2017 title. The cover is matte laminate so can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The gold binding is wire-o for flat planning and is very durable. Use my code for $10 off

20161230_205253                              referral_button_sq_e5b0df25-c948-451a-a20d-86f021a80b01_large

My only con with the cover of the InkWell Press is the attached elastic band. I was really looking forward to making my own but I don’t want to damage the planner by cutting the attached band off. Another minor downer with InkWell Press is the lack of accessories. However, these planners do come as A5 inserts so it will be easy to use plenty of accessories for Filofax etc etc.

I have some photos right at the very front of my planner. I used a trade card pocket pouch I use for my pocket letter swaps. I cut the top three and the extra 2 down the side so the pouch would fit inside my planner, added the photos and just popped it in.


I have also added a clear pouch for stickers I may need throughout the week once I have finished the spread and something needs adding.


I have set my goals for 2017. This is one of the features I absolutely love about the Inkwell Press planners! I have chosen my goals set on the topics provided as well as break them down into smaller achievable goals throughout the year to keep on track.

20170101_185556                 20161230_205529      20161230_205454

Another huge LOVE with this planner is the monthly mission boards. This is where I write the tasks I wasn’t to complete during the month which will get me help me reach the ultimate goals I have set out for the year. There are also three habit trackers each month, which may vary a little depending if I want to focus on another aspect of my life if it starts to become a bit sloppy.

I am using the flexible gold ruler included with the planner as a bookmark for the week I am on. My weekly spreads are obviously colour-coded as has everything from household jobs, shops I want to go into, time for me, and more.


The use of the bottom three boxes are still up for debate. Last week I used them for dinners, sleep tracking and the third box I do not know what to use it for. So if anyone has ideas, please let me know!! I am not using them for gratitude as I am using the bar down the side for that purpose.

The bulk of my stickers are being stored in this pretty A5 folder that was only 50p from Wilkos. I have a few task stickers in the front pouch I inserted which I have already mentioned. The stickers I have specifically for the InkWell Press are in this little folder pocket at the back which is included in the planner. The pocket on the other side I am using for planner coupons. There is a third pocket on the inside of the back cover which again does not have a specific function as of yet. I am thinking tickets to gigs, events etc.

20161230_180509        20161230_180518

Inserts include;


Image result for inkwell press logoSnail Mail/ Pocket Letter Tracker                                Image result for inkwell press logoGift Ideas

Image result for inkwell press logoBooks to read films to see                                             Image result for inkwell press logoFinance Tracker

Image result for inkwell press logoHourly Day Spreads

Health and Fitness Binder Planner

I created this planner with an A5 binder in Wilkos for £2. I used some A5 card stock from the pound shop to make the dividers more colourful, used pouches for stickers and  food and fitness coupons. I still want to add inspirational quotes as well as a photo log section. For more info on this planner check out my most recent post How I Successfully Track Weight Loss.

Image result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logoImage result for inkwell press logo

This post is a collaboration with the Planner Girls Collective so don’t forget to check out the other awesome ladies and their blogs! Links Below!


Stay Strong, Rebecca x

How to Successfully Track Weightloss

If you’re serious about making changes to your life and getting in shape, I cannot stress enough the importance of tracking your progress in order to succeed. This doesn’t mean jumping on a set on simple bathroom scales once a week. Nor does it mean becoming completely obsessed with every crumb you place on your plate.

People make so many mistakes by having so little information; they have little information about their body when they weigh themselves, they have no evidence as to why they have lost/gained weight since their last weigh in, and they stress about BMI… which is absolute crap!! So here is how I track my progress for successful weight loss and achieve my health and fitness goals.

First I want to prove that this system works.

This was my progress within 12 weeks. My aim was to reach 20% body fat and I fucking did it

I am an average gal with a 9-5 job, living in a busy house with parents and siblings, and with no gym membership. So if I can do it, anyone can!

My next challenge is to reach 130kgs muscle mass. I will write a blog about the journey not if but when I reach that goal.



Many overweight and underweight people underestimate the number of calories they consume each day. Like me, many people also eat portion sizes which a many times bigger than they should be. Tracking what you have eaten is vital in successful weight loss. You want to get of the scales on a Monday morning and be able to look back and find what you have consumed which has helped you lose/gain those 2lbs you were holding around your waist the week before. You many find that you had a higher protein intake, skipped breakfast on the weekend, or you forgot that cheeky doughnut you couldn’t say no to at work.



I use the S Health app on my phone to find out the nutritional information of the quantity of food I eat. At the end of the day when I will not be eating anything else, I write it all down in my DIY Food Planner. This A5 binder was £2 in Wilkos and has allowed me to create a system that works for me.

I track the food I have consumed and the amount I consumed (g), the calories of the meal or snack. I track macros, and at the end I add it all together. I then takeaway my BMR (more on this below) and calories burnt in steps and any workouts I have done that day. If you want to find out your own personal nutritional needs then keep reading.

You will actually be surprised by how much you can eat if you just think about what you eat and the amount of it. You can even enjoy that sausage roll drawing you into the bakery on the school run. Always allow yourself a treat now and then, or you may just go coo-coo.



Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy expended while at rest. Basically, if you laid in bed and did nothing, didn’t move, didn’t eat, this is the amount of calories your body will burn to function on a daily basis. Everyone’s BMR is different. There is some scientific calculation but I would recommend . Knowing your BMR will allow you to calculate your nutritional needs (carbs, fat, and protein) on the same site.


The importance of knowing your BMR comes into play when working out what you need to do to lose weight. They say you need to a deficit of 3500kcal to lose 1lb. That’s 500kcal per day. So if your BMR is 2000 (this is just an example) You want to use a combination of exercise and eating less calories in order to have a deficit of 500kcal. I say a combination as most of us are unable to work out exercise vigorously for an hour each day to burn off 500kcal or eat 500kcal less than your body needs each day. MY BMR is 1450 and there is NO WAY I can survive physically or emotionally, on 950kcal each day.

So back to our example; BMR of 2000. Consume 1750kcal throughout the day, burn 100kcal walking commuting to work and moving around the office throughout the day. 150kcal burnt through a 20minute home workout, or a long walk with the dog. The 500kcal deficit has been accomplished, do this everyday for 7 days, and boom! 1lb lost!

Scales and BMI

When I reached my goal of 20% body fat I was overall a few pounds heavier than my start weight. How… because I gained muscle mass from being active and eating more protein. Be honest, if you got on the scale and saw you gained 2lbs you would later be crying into a piece of chocolate cake. Please don’t feel defeated by that overall number!! Get yourself a Body Analysis scale instead.


These measure your overall weight as well as body fat% , muscle mass, your BMR, visceral fat (this is the fat that surrounds your vital organs, a little bit of fat is healthy as fat is there to protect organs, but too much can cause organ failure. Even anorexics can have high visceral fat if when they do eat, they just consume junk food). your hydration and the weight of your bones (a benefit for older people and people suffering with Osteoporosis). There are many products out there, my first set was from Lloyds Pharmacy and only cost me £14. I have invested in these Tanita…. In green (choice of colour) for £40.

A quick anecdote on why BMI is utter garbage; I know a man who is 5’3. He was less than 10% body fat and is built like a machine! Yet, when he sees his doctor and the doc measures his BMI, this man is classed as obese. This is why you shouldn’t read too much into your BMI; it’s all about what your body is made of, the fat around your waist, the strength of your bones, and about the unhealthy fat that surrounds your vital organs.


Make sure you record your weight loss in some way. In my A5 binder I also keep a record of my weight each week along with my body fat% and muscle mass. I also record any workouts I do. I record what I did (usually the Youtube workout I did) how many calories I burnt, and how I felt afterwards… if I didn’t enjoy it, I will want to look for another workout to replace it next time. I am able to record how my body reacted to the workout with my Polar Watch F4.


This is a heart rate monitor which measures the calories you have burnt, as well as my min and max heart rate during the workout. I love my this product and find this really useful as everyone’s body reacts differently to different workouts and I can see how effective workouts are for me and if I need to switch things up to push by body physically and mentally.

So there you are. If you have any comments, questions, or advice please comment below or get in touch on my little visitors page. I hope this will be able to help a few people, even just a little bit.

I will be posting next on 09/01/17… planner related obviously and I will be including my A5 binder set-up I have mentioned in this blog so come check it out!! And Remember you can find me on Instagram @rebecca_shehulk

Stay Strong, Rebecca x

My 2017 Commitment to Blogging

OMG Hi There… It’s been like… Forever!!!

It has been three months since my first ever blog posts and it has taken these few weeks to figure out what I wanted to talk about, what did I find interesting and what would you guys like to read, and to find the support groups out there to help and inspire me… You have all been FABULOUS!


I have some big plans for 2017; I am going to hit big fitness goals over the next twelve months as well as attend events such as Crufts and Black Sabbath.

I am making a commitment to myself and to the amazing people who have encouraged me to continue and thrive in creative writing to post AT LEAST once a week in 2017! Here is a list of a few things you can expect from me over the next coming weeks;

Image result for rose gold  Etsy Haul

Image result for rose gold Inkwell Press Planner Review

Image result for rose gold Collaborations with other bloggers such as

Image result for single arrow rose gold clipart  The Vintage Planner

Image result for single arrow rose gold clipart  My Chaotically Eclectic Life

Image result for single arrow rose gold clipart  An Ocean Glimmer

Image result for single arrow rose gold clipart  A Beautiful Plan

Image result for single arrow rose gold clipart  and more!!!

Image result for rose gold MY Project Life Scrapbook so far…

Image result for rose gold New Year Sales

Image result for rose goldSocial Network Communities

Image result for rose gold How to Track for Successful Weight Loss

Image result for rose gold How I Save for Our House Deposit

So have a very merry festive holiday and get prepared for 2017… we’re going large!!

”Building Supplies”

Welcome everyone to my second blog post!

I hope you are all well and have had a fabulous week. Firstly I would like to start with a few items I got from The Range. Now the store closest to me had aisles and aisles of stuff. I was impressed with the the quantity and wide range on offer but a lot of it I couldn’t visualise in my scrapbook. However I did find some items which I found lovely and immediately thought ‘yes, i will definitely use you’.


Starting on the left, these turquoise embellishments with gold foil are fabulous. I will definitely be using gold throughout my scrapbook and the blue goes with the cardstock pack I purchased a few weeks earlier. Next, the single gold number stickers are Christmas basics but can also be used at anytime of the year. They’re a great idea for a mini Christmas album.

The third one is my favourite! I love this range; Festive Fauna Docrafts. I would have bought several pieces from the collection if I wasn’t under strict instructions to only buy certain things as my birthday is coming up and I’ve been told I have a bad habit of writing a birthday list and then just buying it myself.

Now the last set of letters on the right are actually from Forever Friends. These gold hexagon stickers don’t look like much but I have ordered some hexagon wooden shapes for a  geometric scrapbook design I want to do so these will work great with that spread.

Last week I ordered a total of 27 items across two websites and several ebay shops. Slowly but surely, things are starting to arrive.


All these items are from Hobbycraft. It’s more  expensive than buying from overseas but it’s delivered within days. I had 15% off as it was my first online shop so that certainly helped.

I bought Hobbycrafts own brand 12×12 page protectors. These only have two punch holes and I’ll punch the third hole myself as there was a huge price increase for page protectors with three holes. I also purchased a 12’’ Cricut trimmer and an Xcut craft knife for my cutting mat. I also grabbed some thickers from American Crafts; ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Doll’, and Hobbycrafts own brand scrabble letters. My washi tapes are super cute; Ducktape Dogs, Little B gold feathers, and Hobbycrafts floral washi and ‘all you need is love’ washi from therie wedding range. Lastly, because I love gold, I’ve got these cute Heidi Swapp emoji stickers.


Ansio and Becky Higgins

The only other things to arrive are my Ansio A3 self-healing cutting mat and these Becky Higgins gold foil 3×4 journal cards from an online ebay shop. I was hoping they would come in a little plastic container but hey ho…

Next blog post… ‘Scrapbook Freebies’

Rebecca x

The 1st of many…

So I have spent September looking at absolutely everything. I’ve seen and fallen in love with so much stuff. Youtube has been great to me, Rosie Howe and Inkie Quill have been my guru’s and are lovely women in all aspecs. Vlogs on scrapbook/project life essencials have been very helpful as there is so much stuff out there. It can be very overwhelming  (I know this after spending over an hour in hobbycraft JUST LOOKING, I went for physical market research).

The Works - Portsmouth

The beginnings of my scrapbook stash

My first haul was @ The Works. I got some beautiful cardstock along with some adhesive, and embellishments along with these dorable owls. I have started my Christmas collection already as you can see. I bought two black Sharpie pens for a bargin as it is back to school season. I also got a gold, silver, and bronze Sharpie set which isn’t in this photo… I actually bought these after a successful job interview (go me!).

Today (28-09-2016) I have ordered from, Hobbycraft, and Ebay. Next blog = Delivery Day

Rebecca x