The 1st of many…

So I have spent September looking at absolutely everything. I’ve seen and fallen in love with so much stuff. Youtube has been great to me, Rosie Howe and Inkie Quill have been my guru’s and are lovely women in all aspecs. Vlogs on scrapbook/project life essencials have been very helpful as there is so much stuff out there. It can be very overwhelming  (I know this after spending over an hour in hobbycraft JUST LOOKING, I went for physical market research).

The Works - Portsmouth

The beginnings of my scrapbook stash

My first haul was @ The Works. I got some beautiful cardstock along with some adhesive, and embellishments along with these dorable owls. I have started my Christmas collection already as you can see. I bought two black Sharpie pens for a bargin as it is back to school season. I also got a gold, silver, and bronze Sharpie set which isn’t in this photo… I actually bought these after a successful job interview (go me!).

Today (28-09-2016) I have ordered from, Hobbycraft, and Ebay. Next blog = Delivery Day

Rebecca x


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